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See Figure 1 and Table 1 for explanations of the Trend Module legend components.

Figure 1. Graphics+ Trend Module - Legend Functions

Table 1. Descriptions of Trend Module Legend Components
Number Name Description

Legend Splitter Bar

Resizes the space taken by the legend. Move the splitter to the bottom or double-click the splitter bar to hide the legend and increase the size of the trend chart.

Legend Icons

Display both the color and the y-axis that is used to display the trend data for the trended object in this row of the legend. The legend color assigned to an object matches its trended values in the chart, so that you can correlate information between the legend and the chart.

Four preset trend line colors are used: blue, orange, violet, and white. The colors cannot be customized. These icons are used:

Icon Description
The forward facing L indicates that the left y-axis is used for this trend series, which displays numeric values.
The backward facing L indicates that the right y-axis is used for this trend series, which displays state values.

Show/Hide Trend

Selects which objects currently appear in the chart. Click this box to hide and unhide trend data.

Object Name

Displays the name for the trended Metasys object. When you click the object name (or its row), the corresponding line in the chart is highlighted.

Trend Name

Displays the name of the trend that appears in the chart. If more than one trend is available for this trended object, a drop-down box appears from which to select.


Navigates away from the Trend Module and the graphic and opens the trend data for the attribute. If you are not authorized to view the object, the navigate button is disabled.


Removes the trended object and its associated data from the Trend Module.