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You can send event notifications to multiple destinations or to different destinations based on the time of day or day of week. Notification Classes specify a list of destinations, each of which is qualified by time, day of week, and type of handling. The Recipient List attribute describes how the destination parameters relate to the Notification Class object. If an event that uses a Notification Class object occurs, the day is one of the days of the week that is valid for a given destination, and the time is within the window specified in the destination, then a notification is sent to the destination defined in the Recipient List. You can qualify destinations by any combination of the three event transitions: To Offnormal, To Fault, and To Normal.

The destination also defines the recipient device that receives the notification. The recipient device is specified by either its unique Device Object Identifier or by its Network Address and MAC Address. In the latter case, a unicast address or a broadcast, local/remote, or global address is used. The destination information specifies whether the notification is sent using a confirmed or unconfirmed event notification.

The Ack Required attribute of the Notification Class object and the type of event transition determine whether the event notification message requires acknowledgment.