Recipient List - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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  • From Time, To Time (Start and Stop Times) - The window of time (inclusive) during which the destination may be used. To specify all times, use 00:00:00 for Start Time and 23:59:59 for Stop Time.

  • IP Address - The 4 byte IP Address of the destination if routing by IP address. This value is ignored when Network Number is set to 65,535. When set to IP Address or the broadcast IP Address, notifications are broadcast based on the Network Number. A value of 0 sends a local broadcast. A value of 1–65,534 sends a remote broadcast.

  • Issue Confirmed Notifications (Confirmed, Unconfirmed) - Indicates whether to send Confirmed or Unconfirmed event notifications through radio button selection. This selection is ignored when using global broadcast notifications.

  • MSTP Address - The MS/TP address of the destination if routing by MS/TP address.
  • Network Number - The network number for the destination if routing by IP or MS/TP address:

    • 0 designates the address of the local network
    • 1–65,534 identifies a destination address on the specified network
    • 65,535 specifies the use of global broadcast notification (note that the IP Address is not used and the notifications are unconfirmed)
  • Process Identifier - The process ID within the recipient device that receives the event notification messages.

  • Recipient (Device Object ID) - The destination devices to receive event notification messages.

  • Recipient Choice (Object ID or Address) - The choice of whether to use an Object Identifier or the Address of the destination to route the notifications. If set to Address, the notification is sent either to the specified address or broadcast. See IP Address and Network Number descriptions for details.

  • Transitions (Off Normal, Fault, Normal) - Three flags which indicate the types of transitions (To Offnormal, To Fault, or To Normal) sent to the destination.

  • UDP Port Number - The UDP Port number used to send the notification message to the destination if routing by address. When the port is set to 0, this value when written is replaced with the port used by the supervisory device on the IP network.

  • Valid Days - The days of the week on which notifications may be sent to this destination during the value of From Time, To Time (Start and Stop Times).