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The Multistate Input object’s Present Value attribute represents results of an algorithmic process within the device in which the object resides. For example, the Present Value of the Multistate Input object could be either the result of a combination of multiple binary inputs, the threshold of one or more analog inputs, or the result of a mathematical computation. Present Value is an integer representing the state of the object. The State Text attribute associates a description with this state.

Note: Do not confuse the Present Value state with the Event State attribute, which reflects the Offnormal state of the Multistate Input.

The Multistate Input object integrates N1, N2, and BACnet controllers with supervisory controllers, resulting in:

  • a consistent interface to point objects for all controller types

  • flexibility in point mapping

  • support for Metasys N2 controllers. See the N2 Controller Object.

For example, this object allows you to display the speeds of a multispeed fan at a supervisory controller.

For general information on Metasys system objects, see Common Object Attributes.