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SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Use SCT to configure your Metasys site into spaces and equipment serving spaces and other equipment. In SCT, three objects are used to build spaces and equipment relationships: space object, equipment definition object, and equipment object.

Space objects are logical representations of sites. Spaces include generic large spaces (for example, a campus, complex, wing, or a single building or group of buildings with floors, rooms, and even spaces within rooms). A generic space object can represent a physical site or campus (or any other physical space within a site or campus) depending on where the object is located in your Spaces Tree. You can use a Spaces tree to configure multiple generic spaces, such as a parent space object. You can configure an unlimited number of buildings within a generic parent space object, as well as floors in a building and rooms on a floor. You can also configure spaces within rooms. However, the recommended limit is 20,000 spaces, as a larger number of spaces can cause upload, download, and performance issues. The same 20,000 limit applies to equipment.
Note: A site can only have one parent-level root space object. Consider future expansions when you configure your site. For example, if you are configuring your site for a single-building campus that may expand to include multiple buildings in the future, then we recommend naming the parent-level root space "Campus" to accommodate potential growth.

You configure your Metasys site into a Spaces Tree using the Spaces Tree Editor. After you configure your site as spaces, you can then configure your equipment definitions and equipment. For more information on Equipment Definitions, see Insert Equipment Definition.

The following figure shows the visualization and workflow of Spaces, Equipment, and network relationships for a Metasys site.
Figure 1. Customer Workflow Versus Commissioning Workflow