Loading Device Information into the Rapid Archive Schedule - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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  1. Use Excel to open the Rapid Archive Schedule Master file.
    Important: Use version 3 of the Rapid Archive Schedule with SCT Release 13.0 and later. At Release 13.0 the Rapid Archive Schedule spreadsheet is installed on the SCT computer at C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\RAC.
  2. Optional: If you use Excel with Microsoft Office 365, you must first enable the Text Import Wizard legacy feature in Excel to avoid an undesired table format. To enable this feature in Excel, click File > Options > Data. Under Show legacy data import wizards, select From Text (Legacy).
  3. Click the File tab.
  4. Click Unprotect.
  5. Press the Esc key.
  6. Click the Data tab.
  7. In the Get External Data group, click From Text.
  8. Navigate to the exported Rapid Archive file, select it, then click Import.
  9. In the Text Import Wizard, click Delimited, then click Next.
  10. In the Other field, enter the vertical bar character. To enter the vertical bar character with a North American or British keyboard, hold down the Shift key and press the backslash key. The Other check box is selected.
  11. Click Next, then click Finish.
  12. Select the first unshaded cell in column A (see the following figure), then click OK. The Rapid Archive data is added to the spreadsheet.
    Figure 1. Import Data in Excel