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System Configuration Tool
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About this task

To import a Rapid Archive Schedule file to create a new site, see Creating an Archive with the Rapid Archive Feature and Room Schedules. To import a Rapid Archive Schedule file and add Metasys UI objects to an existing site, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Rapid Archive Field Controller Wizard, click Add MUI Objects.
  2. Navigate to a Rapid Archive Schedule file that contains space and equipment information, then click Import.
    Note: You must save the Rapid Archive Schedule as a .csv file. See Defining Space Information in the Rapid Archive Schedule.
  3. SCT processes the Rapid Archive schedule, and identifies any errors.
    • If there are errors in the Rapid Archive Schedule, a message appears that describes the error. The SCT archive is not updated. You do not need to undo any changes, or restore the archive. Click OK, correct the errors in the Rapid Archive Schedule, and then import the file again.
    • If there are no errors, a message appears indicating that the import is successful. Click OK.


If the spaces that you define in the Rapid Archive Schedule do not exist in the archive, they are created.