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Table 1 lists the types of graphics you can associate with the types of objects. In SCT, you can associate graphics to a space object, equipment object, and field controller.
Table 1. Graphics Association by Type
Object Type Standard Graphic Using SCT Graphics+ Graphic Using SCT
Space Object Yes Yes
Equipment Object Yes Yes
Field Controller Yes Yes

You can associate multiple graphics of the same type or of varying types to each object or field controller. If an object has multiple graphics associated with it, a count of the number of the graphics appears in the Graphics widget.

Note: Do not place graphics in the Facility Graphics folder or folders nested within it in the All Items tree. Graphics saved in this folder are Metasys UI graphics saved by the system that you should not edit in SCT. Equipment and graphics are not viewable in SMP, therefore, the Facility Graphics folder is not displayed in SMP.
Figure 1. Facility Graphics Folders

From Metasys UI Release 2.1 and later, graphics associations can be managed in the Graphics Manager of the Metasys UI and JCT. For more information, refer to the Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT) Help (LIT-12012116) .