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To view the attributes of one or more objects, select the objects in the Network Tree, click Actions, and then click View Details. The attributes for the first two objects display in the Details pane. If you select more than two objects, the additional objects are added to the Selected Items list.

You can also drag an object from the Network Tree to the pane on the right. If the Action Queue and Backup panes are visible when you drag the object, they are replaced with the Details pane.

Note: You can right-click an object and select an option from the context sensitive menu that displays.

If the Details pane is visible then you can drag the object to one of three locations. If you drag an object to one of the two larger panes, the object's details display in that pane. If you drag an object to the top pane, you add it to the list of Selected Items, but its details are not displayed. If you drag an object to a pane that currently displays a different object's details, the object that you drag replaces the object previously displayed, and you add the previously displayed object to the Selected Items list.

Figure 1. Drag locations to view an object's attributes, or to add the object to the Selected Items list

Expand the Selected Items list to view the list of objects. Shaded tiles indicate the currently displayed objects. Click a tile to toggle the display of the object's attributes. Drag an unshaded tile to one of the display panes to display the object's attributes in that pane.