How do I control the execution of controller logic as part of a download? - Metasys - LIT-12013035 - Software Application - SCT Pro - 15.0

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About this task

If you include CAF logic files in a download to controllers, you can choose whether to switch to the new logic file immediately, and whether to enable the logic after the switch.
Important: Use of the Disable Logic option depends on the controller product. Refer to your product documentation for more information. This feature is only available at Tools Release 13.0, and Firmware 8.0 and later. If the option is selected for an incompatible controller, the download will fail for that controller.

To configure the execution of controller logic, complete the following steps:


  1. Start the process to perform a download and proceed to the Transfer Summary page. For more information, see How do I transfer logic files from SCT Pro to a field controller (download)?
  2. In the Information section, click Change.
  3. To include CAF logic files in the download, select Logic Files.
  4. In the When to Activate section, to replace the logic on the controller with that included in the download, select After Transfer. To download a new logic file to the controller, but have the controller continue to use the previous logic, select Wait for manual activation.
  5. In the When activated section, to enable the logic, and execute immediately after installation, select Enable Logic. To disable execution of the logic, select Disable Logic.
  6. Make any additional changes that you require, and then click Apply to return to the summary page.
  7. Depending on your choices, click Transfer Now or Schedule Transfer.


After the download completes, you can issue commands to activate CAF files, and to either enable or disable logic. For more information, see How do I issue commands to a controller?