How do I transfer an archive from SCT Pro to a Metasys server or network engine (download)? - Metasys - LIT-12013035 - Software Application - SCT Pro - 10.2

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  1. Open an archive.
  2. In the Network Tree pane, select the devices to include in the download.
  3. Click Actions, then click Download (Transfer to Device).
  4. Click Site Director to communicate through the Site Director, or click Individual Devices to communicate with each device individually.
  5. Enter a user name and password, and click Authenticate to log on. The padlock icon shows as unlocked for all devices where the logon is successful. If you fail to log on to a device, select the check box for that device, enter the correct logon information, and then click Authenticate.
    Figure 1. Selected Devices list, showing successful logon (top) and unsuccessful logon (bottom)

  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review the summary screen. If you want to change any of the default settings, see How do I change the upload or download settings?. For example, you can choose how to activate downloaded files on network engines that support background file transfer. For more information, see How do I control the activation of network engines as part of a download?.
  8. Depending on your choices, click Transfer Now or Schedule Transfer. To confirm that the download completes successfully, view the corresponding entry in the Action Queue.