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About this task

To upgrade or downgrade a network engine, perform a reflash operation to change the firmware version. Before you reflash an engine, verify that the engine meets the following conditions:
Note: This workflow only applies to the NxE family of network engines. The SNx family engines do not support software downgrades at Metasys 10.1.
  • The SCT Pro Server and the network engine are on the same subnet (subnetwork).
  • The engine image that you want to install on the engine is loaded on the SCT Pro Server. For more information, refer to the Extracting the Disk Images from the Image DVD or CD to Your Computer section of the NAE/NIE Update Tool Help (LIT-12011524).
Important: If you perform a reflash, you erase all information on the network engine. However, you do not modify any archives.

To reflash an engine, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Dashboard, in the Utilities pane, click Discover. The Device Discovery page appears.
  2. Click Discover. All engines on the same subnet as the SCT Pro server appear in the list. If the device that you want to reflash is not listed, see
    Note: To order the list of engines, click the column headings. To filter the list of engines based on an attribute such as the device name or MAC address, in the Search field, enter part of the attribute's value.
  3. Select a network engine to reflash.
  4. Click Reflash Device. The Reflash Device window appears.
  5. You must reset the engine after the reflash process begins. Choose one of the following options:
    • To reset the engine automatically during the reflash, click Automatic Reset, then enter the logon details for the engine.
    • To reset the engine manually, click Manual Reset. You must manually reset the engine after the Action Queue job starts.
  6. Select a firmware version. If the firmware version is not displayed, you do not have a valid engine image installed on the SCT Pro server. See the required conditions above.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If you have chosen to reset the engine manually, or the automatic reset fails, perform a manual reset of the engine. For example, press the reset button on the engine.
  9. To update an archive, choose one of the following options:
    • If an engine is configured in the SCT archive, and you reflash the engine with the same firmware version, perform a download to re-apply the configuration to the engine.
    • If an engine is configured in the SCT archive, and you reflash the engine with a different firmware version, remove the engine from the archive and reconfigure it as a new engine.
    • If an engine is not configured in the SCT archive, configure it as a new engine.