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If you use SCT Pro to upgrade a device, multiple tasks are performed in sequence. The number and type of tasks that are performed depends on the device that you select, and they are displayed in the Upgrade Device window. To upgrade a device, complete the following steps:
Important: At Metasys Release 10.1 the Advanced Security Enabled attribute is set to True by default for a site. When the value is set to True, a site director at Metasys Release 10.0 or later discards all communication attempts from network engines at Metasys Release 9.0.7 or earlier. For more information, see How does the Advanced Security Enabled attribute affect my site?.
Note: You can use the Upgrade Device feature in SCT Pro to perform all of the tasks required to upgrade a network engine. However, if you use the Upgrade Device feature to upgrade a server then you must manually perform additional tasks on the server.


  1. From the Dashboard, select an archive.
  2. In the Network Tree pane, select the device to upgrade.
  3. Below the Network Tree pane, click Actions, and then click Upgrade Device. The Upgrade Device window appears.
  4. Optional: To prepare an email to inform users about the downtime that results from the upgrade, click the link to contact users. A draft email opens in your default email application, which you can edit and add recipients to.
  5. From the Which version do you want to upgrade to? list, select the version of Metasys to upgrade the device to. Options that are not valid are disabled. The only exception is for NAE55-1 and NIE59-1 network engines. Although you can choose to upgrade one of these devices to Release 10.0 or later, the upgrade fails. The latest release to which you can upgrade these devices is Release 9.0.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Optional: If you upgrade a site director to Release 10.1 and your site includes network engines at Metasys Release 9.0.7 or earlier, a warning appears. Choose one of the following options:
    Note: As best practice, before you proceed, follow the on screen instructions to generate an email and verify with the site administrator which action to take.
    • To continue with Advanced Security enabled and disconnect incompatible devices, click Continue and Disconnect Devices.
    • To disable Advanced Security, keep incompatible device connected, but turn off the latest security enhancements, select the check box to turn off Advanced Security, and then click Continue without Advanced Security.
  8. On the Authenticate to Devices page, enter the user name and password, and then click Authenticate to log on. After the padlock icon shows as unlocked, click Continue.
  9. Click the continue button. The wording on the button depends on the upgrade choices that you make. To confirm that the sequence of tasks completes successfully, view the corresponding entries in the Action Queue.