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SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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To browse to JCT or SCT Pro from a client computer or device, use a supported web browser and go to the web address shown in Table 1, where [Host Name or IP address] is the server name of the SCT computer or IP address of the SCT computer.

SCT supports the following web browsers:
  • Microsoft® Edge® version 100 or later
  • Apple® Safari® 15 or later
  • Google® Chrome™ version 91 or later
JCT and SCT Pro do not fully support other browsers such as Mozilla® Firefox®.
Table 1. Web addresses
Tool Web address (URL)
JCT https://[Host Name or IP address]/UIOffline
SCT Pro https://[Host Name or IP address]/SCTPro

If you are browsing to JCT or the SCT Pro on the SCT computer, use localhost as the Host Name.

Note: Ensure that your web browser has cookies enabled before browsing to JCT or SCT Pro.

To access SCT Pro from SCT rather than directly from a browser, click the link on the SCT logon page, or, after you log on to SCT, select Try New Version > Dashboards.