SCT installation and upgrade overview - Metasys - LIT-12012067 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 15.0

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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The Windows operating system that you want to use for SCT software must have the correct components installed. SCT software does not install or function properly if any of these components are missing. The SCT setup installs many of these prerequisites, but make sure you carefully review the software requirements before installation. Follow the steps outlined in the Detailed procedures section to ensure that the SCT successfully installs.

If you have SCT Release 13.0 or earlier software, you must first uninstall it before you install SCT Release 15.0. For details, refer to Uninstalling existing SCT release 13.0 or earlier software. However if you have SCT Release 13.2 or later software, you can upgrade to SCT Release 15.0. For details, refer to Upgrading from SCT Release 13.2 or later to Release 15.0 software. If you install the SCT on a server and you do not have an earlier release of the SCT installed, first install, or verify that you have a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server software. If you install the SCT on a Desktop Operating Systems and you do not have a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server software, the SCT setup automatically installs Microsoft SQL Server Express. For details, see Verifying your computer has a supported version of SQL Server software installed.

You cannot install SCT Release 15.0 on a computer with a Metasys server that is at Metasys Release 11.0 or earlier. Metasys servers include the ADS, ADX, and ADS-Lite. Do not install the SCT software on an OAS server. Some important installation rules to consider are:

  • The SCT software and Trunk Utility features require license activation at Release 13.0 or later. Use the Software Manager to license the SCT and field controller packages. Install the software manager through the SCT installation wizard. For more information on software licensing, refer to the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) .
  • You must uninstall any older stand-alone releases of the NAE/NIE Update Tool (NUT) before you use the SCT setup to install SCT Release 15.0.
  • You must uninstall SCT Release 13.0 or earlier software before installing SCT Release 15.0. You must apply any new OS or SQL service pack after you remove an older release of the SCT, but before you install a new release of the SCT.
  • Do not install SCT and Metasys Server software on the same computer if more than 100 network engines are to report to one ADX or ODS. If you have more than 100 engines on the site, install the SCT on a separate computer.
  • You can use SCT Release 15.0 to manage devices from Metasys Release 5.2 or later. The SCT no longer requires the Site Director to be of an equivalent release version as the tool.
  • Install SCT on a stand-alone computer when you use it with a split ADX system. Do not install SCT on the same computer as the web/application server or data server of a split ADX system.