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SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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The following table provides a list of documents related to SCT software installation.

Table 1. SCT installation and upgrade related documentation

For information about

Document reference

Understanding the Metasys system Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832)
Installing and upgrading the Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) on the SCT Computer Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012162)
Installing and upgrading ADS-Lite on the SCT Computer

Metasys Server Lite Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12012258)

Details for installing and upgrading SQL Server software

SQL Server Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12012240)
How to install the Open Application Server (OAS) Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide (LIT-12013222)

Using the Launcher

Launcher Help (LIT-12011742)

Knowing the features, benefits, and specifications of SCT

System Configuration Tool Catalog Page (LIT-1900198)

Creating archive databases, integrating building networks, and Auto Discovering Points

SCT: System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964)

Understanding security risks on the network

Network and IT Guidance Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011279)

Understanding JCT

Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT) Help (LIT-12012116)

Understanding SCT Pro

SCT Pro Help (LIT-12013035)

Understanding the NAE Update Tool and the Engine Importer.

NAE Update Tool Help (LIT-12011524)

Licensing the SCT and field controller packages.

Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389)
Licensing SCT and field controller packages, the daily use of the Facility Explorer system, and database backup/restore Facility Explorer Site Management Portal Help (LIT-12013520)
Commissioning the SNC F4-SNC Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013549)