Licensing SCT and importing and licensing packages for SCT - Metasys - LIT-12012067 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 15.0

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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About this task

From SCT Release 14.1 and later, you require Device Packages, Field Controller Packages and Johnson Controls SA Bus packages to use all features in SCT. If you do not install device packages, you cannot add servers, supervisory devices, and field devices. To import and license SCT packages, complete the following steps:


  1. Obtain Device packages and Field Controller Packages from the License Portal.
    Note: Johnson Controls SA Bus Package files are licensed as a feature with CCT.
  2. To import a package file double-click on the package collection file or navigate to Start > Johnson Controls > Package Importer. The Package Importer displays the message Finished importing device when the import is complete.
  3. Click the Add License button in the Software Manager to license SCT software and device packages or field controller packages. Choose an activation method: Online with a Product Key or Offline with a License Activation File. Once added, SCT software and package licenses display in the License Inventory.
    Note: The Software Manager only lists device packages and field controller packages after you apply a license.
    Note: If you do not license the SCT software after installation, the Unlicensed Software Detected dialog box appears when you access SCT and it is not possible to log on to SCT, SCT Pro or JCT until it is licensed.
  4. After you install and license the SCT software and packages, you can use SCT Pro to reflash engines using images that you download from the Johnson Controls License Portal. To extract the images, double-click the appropriate file. The Metasys Engine Importer extracts the contents of the file to C:\NAEUpdateTool\tftpfiles.