SCT installation and upgrade prerequisites - Metasys - LIT-12012067 - Configuration software - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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Please note the following:

  • The security database for the SCT application is not available after uninstalling and re-installing SCT. You must document the existing list of users and add them manually after you install the latest release of the SCT.
  • SCT software requires 8 GB of available hard disk space. This requirement is to ensure that enough room exists for future database storage used by SCT.

  • For Windows 7 x64 operating systems, the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 or later is required prior to installing SCT. The WMF 5.1 software package is available at this link:
  • The Metasys System Configuration Tool Setup installs Microsoft .NET Framework versions 3.5.1 and 4.6.1 if they do not already exist on the computer. SCT 12.0 or later requires Windows update 1 (KB2919355) when you install it on Windows 8.1 or Windows ServerĀ® 2012 R2. This update is a prerequisite of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.
  • Install the SCT on a dedicated computer to avoid incompatibility issues. Other non-Metasys applications that use IIS may cause unforeseen complications.
  • You can use the SCT to maintain a variety of release engines at Metasys Release 5.2 and later. The Site Director must be at an equivalent or greater release version than the highest versioned engine. For example, if you have a Metasys Release 6.5 engine and a Metasys Release 5.2 engine in your archive, your Site Director needs to be greater than or equal to Metasys Release 6.5. For more information, refer to Metasys SCT Help (LIT-12011964) .

  • The Ethernet network interface card (NIC) must have a valid connection status for the installation to complete successfully. Connect your Ethernet NIC to the powered-up Ethernet hub, switch, or router or to a live Ethernet network.

  • The initial login username for the SCT UI is MetasysSysAgent and it is not case sensitive. For the MetasysSysAgent default password, contact your local Johnson ControlsĀ® representative. For new SCT installations, you must change the login account password to a valid, complex password when you log in for the first time. If the currently installed SCT is upgrade eligible, the MetasysSysAgent password is retained during the upgrade, so you are not prompted to change the password. For more information about passwords, refer to the Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201528).

  • The NAE/NIE Update Tool is bundled with SCT. When you install SCT Release 10.0 or later software, the installer also installs the NAE/NIE Update Tool in the background. From SCT Release 13.0, the tool is renamed to the NAE Update Tool. Go to Start , enter NAE Update Tool, and then select NAE Update Tool. The SCT installation program creates a Launcher icon on the computer desktop, but does not create an icon for the NAE Update Tool. Uninstalling the SCT also uninstalls the bundled NAE Update Tool. However, because the tool is bundled with SCT, you cannot separately uninstall the NAE Update Tool without also uninstalling SCT. The NAE Update Tool has no separate entry under the list of installed Windows programs.

  • If your computer has an older version of the NAE/NIE Update Tool, you cannot upgrade SCT until you uninstall the older version of the NAE/NIE Update Tool. The releases must match because the SCT and NAE/NIE Update Tool share the same code base for some upload and download operations.

  • The SCT includes some of the same functions as the NxE Information and Configuration Tool (NCT). For NCT functions to work, open port 9910 (TCP) and port 9911 (UDP) on the SCT computer. For details about the NCT, refer to NxE Information and Configuration Tool Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201990) . For details about opening ports, see Opening Ports and Configuring the Windows Firewall. The SCT and the NCT remain separately installed and maintained tools.
  • To upload CAFs into the SCT archive, CCT is no longer required to be installed on the same computer as SCT. The CAF upload feature is only available for network engines at Release 6.0 or later. At SCT Release 12.0 or later, the Trunk utilities option is available to transfer CAFs to and from the SCT archive.