Uninstalling the SCT Release 12.0 and later software - Metasys - LIT-12012067 - Configuration software - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

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System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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  1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel. The Control Panel appears.
  2. Go to Programs > Programs and Features. The Programs and Features window appears.
  3. In the program list, right-click Metasys System Configuration Tool XX.0 and click Uninstall. The Metasys System Configuration Tool Setup window appears.
    Figure 1. Metasys System Configuration Tool setup window
  4. Click Uninstall. The Remove Databases window appears.
    Figure 2. Remove SCT databases window
    • The Remove Databases checkbox is selected by default. If you wish to keep the application's runtime databases after SCT is uninstalled, deselect the Remove Databases checkbox.
    • The Remove Databases option only deletes the application runtime databases: MetasysSCT, ActionQueueSCT, and SCTTranslationDictionary. It does not remove all existing archive databases.
  5. Log in to SQL Server in one of two ways:
    • To log in with Windows Credentials, keep the Use Windows Credentials checkbox selected.
    • To log in using SQL Server authentication, deselect the Use Windows Credentials check box and enter the SA user username and password.
  6. Click Uninstall. The Uninstall Program Progress window appears.
  7. Click Restart to restart the computer and complete the uninstallation process.