Uninstalling existing SCT software introduction - Metasys - LIT-12012067 - Configuration software - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Product name
System Configuration Tool
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Installation Guide
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Note: If you are uninstalling the SCT to install an earlier release, see Uninstalling SCT to install an earlier release of SCT for more information.
Important: You need to uninstall SCT Release 11.0 or earlier software before you can use the Metasys System Configuration Tool Setup to install the latest release of SCT.
Important: If you receive error messages when you uninstall SCT software, you may have problems reinstalling it. Diagnose these problems before you attempt to reinstall the software.
Important: The security database for the SCT application is not available after uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Before uninstalling the SCT software, document the existing list of SCT users and after reinstalling the software manually add the users to the database again.