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Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide

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Open Application Server
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Installation Guide
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OAS requires a software license for its base product. Two licensing options are available for the OAS, the OAS minimum and the OAS standard. The following table describes the features available with each license.

Table 1. OAS versions
Features OAS Minimum OAS Standard
Supports Metasys UI Yes Yes
Supports engines No Two
Can license add-ons
Note: Fault Detection and Fault Triage are not supported on the turnkey solution.
Yes Yes
Direct support for field devices 200 200
Supports SMP Yes Yes
Note: Do not install the System Configuration Tool (SCT) or Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) on the OAS Turnkey computer. You must install the SCT and CCT on a different computer. If you host the OAS on a virtual machine (VM), you can install the SCT and CCT on the same VM as the OAS software.

The Software Manager manages OAS software licenses on a machine. For information about activating licenses, refer to the Starting a license activation section in the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389) .

For additional licensed features for the OAS, see the following list:
Historical data licensing

To generate and retain historical data in the system repository, you require the Metasys Historical Data Add-On license. If unlicensed, the site user only has access to the most recent seven days' worth of historical data, plus any additional engine buffer data outside of those seven days. Any additional older data that exceeds the engine buffer limits becomes permanently unavailable. After purchasing this license, the OAS retains all data and is available to the site user indefinitely.

Trend data and other historical data are available in both Metasys UI and SMP.

Metasys UI Feature Licensing

To enable the Potential Problem Areas widget and the Scheduled Reports feature, which includes the ability to save report templates, you require the Metasys Potential Problem Areas license, the Fault Detection license, the Fault Triage license, and the Metasys Scheduled Reports license. If unlicensed, these features are unavailable in the Metasys UI.

Monitoring and Commanding API

To enable the Monitoring and Commanding API, you require the Monitoring and Commanding API license. If unlicensed, this feature is unavailable.


SMP UI requires a license at Metasys Release 12.0.