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Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide

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Open Application Server
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Installation Guide
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Use the following information to prepare your computer and install Metasys Open Application Server (OAS) software. The Open Application Server (OAS) is a product of the Metasys system that combines Metasys server and engine capabilities in a single software offering, with optional, add-on features.

As a Site Director, the OAS supports up to two supervisory devices, 200 field devices and 20,000 objects, provides database software options for archiving licensed historical data using the Microsoft® SQL Server software database, and enables secure communication to a range of network engines, including the NAE, NIE, NCE, SNE and SNC series engines.

OAS is available from Metasys Release 10.1 onwards. You can purchase an OAS as a software-only solution, that can reside on a virtual machine, or as a combined hardware and software turnkey solution. OAS supports both Metasys UI and Site Management Portal (SMP).