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Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide

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Open Application Server
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Installation Guide
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The following table includes general troubleshooting information for the OAS.

Table 1. General Troubleshooting
Error Message or Scenario Solution or Workaround

You receive the error device runtime could not be determined when attempting to log on to the OAS.

  1. Go to Windows Task Manager.
  2. Verify the JCILicenseService is running.
  3. If it is not running, start it.
  4. When JCILicenseService is running, try to log on again.
The installation program fails at the message bus step.

Cisco VPN is installed on the host computer. To workaround this issue:

  1. Remove the RabbitMQ service. Uninstall RabbitMQ. Kill the epmd.exe process. Delete your c:\users\\AppData\Roaming\RabbitMQ Directory.
  2. Go to Control Panels > System > Advanced > Environment Variables
  3. Add a variable named RABBITMQ_NODENAME and set it to rabbit@localhost
  4. Reinstall RabbitMQ.
  5. Navigate to the RabbitMQ sbin directory (or run the command from the start menu) and run rabbitmqctl status. The (cannot connect to host/port) error no longer appears.

The following error appears when you try to log in to the ADS/ADX: Login failed: Device runtime status has not been determined.

IIS applications are dependent on IIS logging. If you disable IIS logging then you need to restart the server.