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Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide

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Open Application Server
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Installation Guide
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  1. In Control Panel, select System and Security > Administrative Tools and double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. The IIS main screen appears.
  2. Under the IIS section in the middle pane, double-click Server Certificates. The Server Certificates panel appears.
  3. On the Actions pane, click Create Certificate Request. The Distinguished Name Properties screen appears.
  4. Fill out all the fields in the form. For Common name, specify the full computer name, which you can determine from Control Panel > System and Security > System. The full name may also include a domain name (for example, Click Next. The Cryptographic Service Provider Properties screen appears.
  5. Select an appropriate service provider and bit length. Click Next. The File Name screen appears.
  6. Click the Browse (...) button to select a location where to save the certificate request file. The Specify Save as File Name window appears.
  7. Type in a file name and click Open. The File Name window appears with the file name specified.
  8. Click Finish. The certificate request file with a .txt extension is created in the selected folder. For example, the certificate request file for a server called MAIN-ADX would be MAIN-ADX.txt.
  9. Send the certificate request file to the IT department or CA to obtain your trusted certificate. When you receive the file, go to Completing a server certificate request to import the certificate into the server.