OAS startup failures - Metasys - LIT-12013243 - M4-OASMIN-0 - M4-OASSTD-0 - Server - Open Application Server - 13.0

Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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Note: See Folders in the Windows Event Viewer on the OAS for information about how these failures are logged.

If the OAS software is not licensed, a message requesting you to license the product appears when you try to log in. You are not allowed to continue until you license the OAS and restart the computer. For information about activating licenses, refer to the Licensing section in the Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Instructions (LIT-12013222).

If the OAS encounters an error during startup, it logs the error to the ADSADX Log in the OAS , then enters into a Warm Start retry sequence. This sequence is the OAS trying to restart. It continues to try restarting until it is successful or until you stop the Metasys III Device Manager service.

If you try to stop the Metasys III Device Manager Service while it is in this Warm Start sequence, it could take up to 5 minutes to stop. To work around this:

  1. Resolve any issue that may be causing the Startup of the OAS to fail. For example, the SQL Server software may be offline. If the issue cannot be resolved, to prevent the OAS from continually restarting, do the following:
    1. Open Control Panel on the OAS computer and select Administrative Tools > Services.
    2. In the Services window, right-click Metasys III Device Manager and select Stop.
    3. Click OK and close all windows.
    4. In Control Panel, select Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

      Service Stopped messages in the Application folder for the MIIIDM source indicate that the Metasys III Device Manager stopped.

      Note: If the Metasys III Device Manager is not stopped, in the Administrative Tools > Services window, right-click Metasys III Device Manager and select Properties. Set startup type to Manual and restart the computer. The Device Manager does not start up.
    5. The OAS does not start on computer restart. You must start the Metasys III Device Manager service manually when necessary.
  2. Restart the OAS computer.