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Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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Open Application Server
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Commissioning Guide
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Computers with OAS and SCT software generate temporary and transient files related to the operation of the OAS and SCT. These files can accumulate and reduce the available hard disk space. You can delete or move these files offline to help save on hard disk space.

The Metasys system folders with temporary and transient files are either located in C:\Users\All Users\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII or C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII.

Note: Do not install the SCT on the OAS Turnkey computer, you must install the SCT on a different computer. If you host the OAS on a virtual machine, you can install the SCT on the same VM as the OAS software.

The particular subfolders that contain temporary or transient content are:

  • \Diagnostics
  • \download
  • \FileTransfer
  • \SecurityFiles
  • \temp
  • \upload

When you delete or move the files under these folders, do not delete or move the folders themselves, just the subfolders and any files under the subfolders. Also, do not disturb any other MetasysIII folders that are not listed here.