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Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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Open Application Server
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Commissioning Guide
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The Open Application Server (OAS) combines Metasys server and engine capabilities in a single software offering, with optional, add-on features. Two licensing options are available for the OAS: the OAS minimum and the OAS standard. For more information about the OAS versions, see Table 1.

As a Site Director, the OAS Standard supports up to two supervisory devices, 200 field devices, and 20,000 objects using BACnet®/IP and Remote Field Bus integrations. The OAS supports integration with the following devices and systems: ZFR Pro wireless system, C•CURE 9000® Access Control®, Modbus®, M-Bus®, KNX®, and OPC Unified Architecture (UA)®. For more information, refer to the Open Application Server (OAS) Installation Guide (LIT-12013222).

OAS provides database software options to archive licensed historical data using the Microsoft® SQL Server software database, and enables secure communication to a range of network engines, including the NAE, NCE, SNE, and SNC series engines.

OAS is a software-only solution, which you can install on a virtual machine, or as a combined hardware and software turnkey solution. OAS supports Metasys UI and the Site Management Portal (SMP).
Note: From Release 12.0, SMP is available only for existing sites through a software license.
Table 1. OAS versions
Features OAS Minimum OAS Standard
Supports Metasys UI Yes Yes
Supports engines No 2
Can license add-ons Yes Yes
Direct support for field devices 200 200
Supports SMP
Note: SMP requires a license to operate.
Note: Only use to upgrade existing OAS sites, and not new OAS sites.
Yes Yes
Note: The turnkey solution does not support Fault Detection and Fault Triage.