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Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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  1. Log in to the Site Director engine/server .
  2. Drag the Site object to the Display frame.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select Advanced.
  5. In the Time section, in the Time Sync Method drop-down box, select the appropriate time synchronization method (Windows or Multicast).
    Figure 1. Time Sync Method Field

  6. If you select Windows time, enter a device time server in the Device Time Servers attribute. A device time server is required for Windows time synchronization.
  7. Click Save.

    When the Time Sync Method is set to Multicast and the OAS computer is synchronized with a time source other than itself, the Site Time Server must be an SNTP Time Server to allow the OAS to perform time synchronization. Time synchronization occurs when a change is detected in the OAS computer's local clock, or at the Site configured Time Sync Period.

    Enabling Multicast time synchronization terminates the Windows win32time service, but changing the Time Sync Method back to Windows does not re-enable the service. If you change the Time Sync Method back to Windows, you must manually start the win32time service, or restart the Site Director.

    Note: When the Time Sync Method is set to Windows, also set the Internet Time Server in the Windows operating system of the Site Director to match the IP Address specified for the Site Time Server. In Control Panel of the Site Director, search for Date and Time. On the Date and Time dialog box, click the Internet Time tab. Click Change Settings and enter in the Server field the same IP address that you defined in the Site Time Server attribute. Click OK to apply the change.
  8. Go to OAS as Site Director.