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Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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You need to purchase one additional device CAL for every network engine added to your Metasys system when you use an OAS on a Windows Server operating system. You may also need to purchase additional user CALs as you expand the number of authorized Metasys system users.

For CAL purchasing information, log in to the Johnson Controls employee portal website, go to the Tools & Applications page, then click the Computer Price List link in the Procurement/Purchasing section. This page contains the necessary information on how to access the Insight/Johnson Controls website (http://www.insight.com/jci) that contains information about purchasing CALs.

If Metasys system software is purchased separately, the customer is responsible for purchasing the correct number of CALs and for properly designating each CAL. A device CAL cannot be transferred to a user CAL, or vice versa. Ultimately, the customer must determine how to split the total number of CALs between device or user.

For additional information on CALs, licensing, and downgrading operating system CALs, refer to http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/about-licensing/client-access-license.