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User preferences apply to a specific Metasys system user. User preferences define how the information is displayed in the user interface and do not affect the operation of the system. The colors and marker styles of a trend display are examples of user preferences. Each user is authorized to view and edit their own user preferences.

The system automatically assigns a numbered user preference file name for each user called UserPreferences-userID.xml, where userID is the identification number of the user. Using an identification number, rather than using the actual user name, serves two purposes. First, it avoids any conflicts that might arise if the user name contains special characters. Second, it allows the user to be renamed without breaking the connection to the user preferences file.

To view user identification numbers, open the Security Administrator screen and select User Preference File Names under the View menu (this option is available only to the MetasysSysAgent user). The user preference file names appear in the Roles and Users pane (Figure 1) and correspond to files on the Metasys device in the directory as indicated in Table 1. As shown in: Figure 1

Figure 1. User Preference File

The procedure to synchronize user preferences within a site or to reuse the user preferences on another site is a manual copy and paste process. Use the manual process to copy user preferences to other devices on the site or to other sites. See Copying preferences between devices.