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System preferences apply to all users who log in to the site or device. System preferences affect the performance and operation of the system. Any Metasys Administrator user can configure system preferences. The setting that defines which audio file to use for an audible alarm notification is an example of a system preference. The SCT supports a subset of system preferences. If the SCT is installed on an ADS/ADX/OAS, the preferences are shared by the SMP user interface and the SCT.

Before you make system preference changes, the preferences are read from the DefaultSystemPreferences.xml file. Once you make system preference changes, a new file called SystemPreferences.xml is created (Figure 1). Both of these files are located in the directory on the Metasys system device as indicated in Table 1. Alarm settings require audio files. An audio file that does not exist in the audio file location shows as invalid. It is necessary to manually add new audio files to the audio file location. SCT does not use audio files.

Table 1. Location of Preferences files and audio files

Metasys System Device

File Locations


C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\Preferences

C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\UI\audio

C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\Metasys UI\API\Client\audio




The procedure to synchronize system preferences within a site or to reuse the system preferences on another site is a manual copy and paste process. Use the process to copy system preferences to other devices on the site or to other sites. See Copying preferences between devices.

Figure 1. System Preference Files

As highlighted in Figure 1:

  • DefaultSystemPreferences.xml: This is the default system preferences file. It is installed as part of the standard installation for all Metasys system devices.

  • SystemPreferences.xml: This file stores the configured system preferences. If you have not yet configured system preferences, this file does not appear in the directory.