Updating Launcher shortcuts and profiles - Metasys - LIT-12013243 - M4-OASMIN-0 - M4-OASSTD-0 - Server - Open Application Server - 13.0

Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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Open Application Server
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Commissioning Guide
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Use these steps to update any Launcher shortcuts and profiles that reference a renamed Metasys Server or a Server with a changed IP Address.
  1. Delete any SMP or SCT shortcuts on your desktop that reference the Metasys Server:
    1. Right-click the shortcut.
    2. Click Delete.
  2. Update any SMP and SCT profiles in Launcher that reference the Metasys Server:
    1. Run the Launcher application.
    2. In the Launcher window, click the SMP tab and select the profile entry that references the Metasys Server.
    3. If the profile needs an updated IP Address or Host Name, delete the entry and then re-add it using the server's current host name or IP address.
    4. If the profile needs only an updated description, select the profile entry, click Edit, and provide a value for New Description.
    5. Click the SCT tab and repeat these steps for any affected SCT profiles on the SCT tab.
  3. Recreate SMP and SCT shortcuts on the desktop:
    1. Right-click the SMP or SCT profile entry in Launcher.
    2. Click Create Shortcut.