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Open Application Server (OAS) Commissioning Guide

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About this task

This section provides an overview of the steps to change the name and the computer name. You must perform all the steps referenced in this section in the correct sequence.

Note: Beginning at Release 8.0, the Metasys Rename Assistant tool is included when the Metasys Database Manager is installed. This tool walks you through the rename steps outlined in this appendix in a wizard-like format.


  1. Start the Metasys Rename Assistant. See Starting the Metasys Rename Assistant.
  2. Connect to the local SQL server. See Connecting to the local SQL Server.
  3. Prepare the computer. See Preparing the computer.
  4. Prepare the archive. See Preparing the archive database.
  5. Uninstall the OAS and SCT software. See Uninstalling the Metasys software.
  6. Rename the computer. See Renaming the computer.
  7. Reinstall the OAS software and rename the Site Director. See Reinstalling the Metasys software.
  8. Download the OAS Archive Database. See Downloading the Metasys archive database.
  9. Apply the OAS settings. See Applying the OAS settings.
  10. Apply the Launcher Settings. See Updating Launcher shortcuts and profiles.
  11. Upload the Archive Database. See Uploading the Metasys archive database.