NCT overview - Metasys - LIT-1201990 - Software Application - NxE Information and Configuration Tool - 10.1

NxE Information and Configuration Tool Technical Bulletin

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NxE Information and Configuration Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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With the NCT software tool, you can quickly discover Metasys network engines on Ethernet networks and display some basic information regarding the discovered engines such as model number, MAC address, IP address, host name, network engine OS version, and Metasys software release version.

You can also use the NCT to retrieve, copy, and transfer network engine files from a connected engine; diagnose and troubleshoot network engine problems; and edit network engine parameters. Other operations include monitoring SNMP traps and starting the network engine's Site Management Portal user interface.

The NCT supports almost any model of network engine, except the software-based models (NxE85, NIE89, and LCS85) and older NxE55xx-0 engines. For a list of which network engines the NCT supports, see Metasys software requirements for network engines connecting to the NCT.

Note: The hardware platforms, operating systems, and other features of the small-capacity engines (NAE35s, NAE45s, and NCE25s) differ from the large-capacity engines (NAE55s and NIE55s) and newer engine models (SNEs and SNCs); therefore, some of the NCT diagnostic information, features, and procedures differ depending on the network engine type. Also, some operations for network engines that run a Windows Embedded operating system differ from those that run the Linux operating system. These differences are called out in this document where applicable.