Using SSH connection in the Advanced mode - Metasys - LIT-1201990 - Software Application - NxE Information and Configuration Tool - 10.1

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NxE Information and Configuration Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

Use these procedures to establish a secure socket connection between your NCT computer and a network engine that is running a Linux OS. The SSH operation is not available to network engines that are running a Windows Embedded OS. For network engines with Windows, refer to Using FTP and Telnet servers in the Advanced mode.

To start a secure socket connection from the Connection tab:


  1. Start the NCT in Advanced mode and click Discover on the Connections tab.
  2. Double-click the desired network engine from the Discovered Devices list or enter the IP address or name of the desired network engine in the Connect to field (Figure 2) and click Connect.
  3. Click Start SSH. The Connection Activity Log field (Figure 2) indicates that you can launch an SSH client. Launch the client and wait for a login window to appear (Figure 1). Enter the credentials for the MetasysSysAgent user and password.
    Figure 1. Example of secure socket connection window in PuTTY

  4. Perform your commands at the prompt. Consult with your local Johnson Controls service/support representative regarding any available commands.
  5. When you are finished with the SSH connection, close the client window and click Disconnect from the Connections tab.