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NxE Information and Configuration Tool Technical Bulletin

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NxE Information and Configuration Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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When connected to NCE25, NAE35, and NAE45 engines, the Directories pane of the Explorer tab (Figure 1 or Figure 2) shows the directories on the network engine; however, these directories are not necessarily in the same physical location. The Storage or Opt directory is mapped directly to the flash on a device. The Windows directory is a special, read-only section of memory; the contents of which are not included in the memory numbers shown on the performance monitor. In general, you should not need to access the Windows directory unless instructed by your local Johnson Controls service/support representative. The rest of the directories are part of the object store described in Performance Monitor. Because the contents of the object store are lost at restart, the network engine copies some items (for example, Events) to storage during its shutdown process.

Note: The Windows directory is not displayed in the Directories pane when the NCT is connected to an NxE55 engine.