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NxE Information and Configuration Tool Technical Bulletin

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NxE Information and Configuration Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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If you have a network engine that is running the Linux OS, click Start SSH on the Tools tab to initiate a secure shell connection to the network engine. You need an SSH application on your NCT computer to perform remote operations within the shell environment of the network engine. PuTTY or WinSCP are examples of compatible applications. Also, the Start SSH option is enabled on Johnson Controls laptops only.

When you click Start SSH on the Tool tab, the comment Remote SSH service started. You may now use your SSH client, e.g., PuTTy, WinSCP appears in the Connection Activity Log (Figure 2) indicating that a remote access thread is started on the network engine, which the SSH client may now use.

Start the SSH application on the computer connected to the network engine and execute the required tasks. Refer to the SSH application documentation on which remote operations are available.

See Using SSH connection in the Advanced mode for more information.