FTP sessions between NCT and network engines - Metasys - LIT-1201990 - Software Application - NxE Information and Configuration Tool - 10.1

NxE Information and Configuration Tool Technical Bulletin

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NxE Information and Configuration Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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You can transfer files between the NCT computer and NAE55-1, NAE55-2, NAE35, NAE45, and NCE25 engines by establishing an FTP session between the two devices. Using the NCT, you initiate an FTP session using one of two different methods: clicking the Connect FTP button on the Connections tab, or clicking the Start FTP button on the Tool tab. An FTP Session is only available for a network engine with a Windows Embedded OS whose firewall is disabled. For network engines running Linux, use the Start SSH option.

Note: There is potential risk in copying files back into the network engine using the FTP utility; therefore, we recommend that you use this utility as a read-only tool. That is, copy files that aid in troubleshooting, but do not copy these files into other NxEs or write them back into the same network engine.
Important: FTP allows anonymous authentication (user: anonymous, password: anything), so anyone on the network can connect to the device while the FTP server is enabled. The FTP server is automatically stopped when the last NCT connection to the device is closed. If a network engine FTP server is started but not in use and you plan on keeping the NCT connected to the network engine, stop the NxE’s FTP server.
Note: The FTP connection does not use significant resources within the network engine except during an actual file transfer.