Configuring ADFS with the Metasys UI - Metasys - LIT-12011279 - General System Information - Metasys System - 13.0

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To configure ADFS with the Metasys UI, complete the following steps:


  1. Log on to the Metasys UI as an administrator.
  2. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the Metasys UI page and select Administrative Tasks > User Management.
  3. Click the Setup tab and select the toggle that enables Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Select the Settings dropdown arrow. Enter the Client Identifier number in the ADFS Client Identifier box. Enter the server name. Enter the URL to the server in the ADFS Endpoint box, and click Save.
    Figure 1. Active Directory setup in User Management

  4. Select the Users tab and click on the +USER button. The Create New User window appears.
  5. In the Type dropdown box, select Active Directory.
    Figure 2. Create new user

  6. Enter your username in the Username box and enter the Active Directory Domain. Click CREATE AND EDIT. Your new username appears under the Users tab.
  7. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the Metasys UI page and select Log Out.
  8. On the Metasys UI page, select LOG IN WITH MY ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNT (ADFS).
    Figure 3. Metasys UI

    Note: In order for the next step to work, the Metasys UI must be accessed using a URL in the browser address bar that was added in the Redirect URI field. For example, https://localhost/ui/ does not work unless it was also added.
  9. This brings up the default page for Active Directory. Log on with your email address and password. This redirects you back to the Metasys UI and automatically logs you in after the Active Directory authenticates your credentials.
    Figure 4. Active directory

  10. The Metasys Terms and Conditions window appears, select ACCEPT & CONTINUE.