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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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For Metasys software to install successfully, you must provide anonymous access temporarily to the Default Web Site folder in IIS. After installation, you can disable anonymous access to the Default Web Site folder. Then, to facilitate Metasys software operations, you must enable anonymous access to the following virtual folders that are created when you install the Metasys server, SCT, SCT Pro, Metasys Advanced Reporting feature, and the NAE Update Tool:

  • Metasys
  • SCT / SCT Pro
  • MetasysIII
  • MetasysReports
  • NAE UpdateTool

When you configure IIS to use Anonymous Access for an item, IIS delegates all authentication responsibilities for that item to the Metasys application. Anonymous access is required in order for the user to log in and access Metasys using Java client software and the Metasys web services. See Enabling and disabling anonymous access on the default web site.


Before changing your customer’s IIS anonymous access settings, consult with your customer and/or your customer’s IT department to make sure the changes do not violate network security policies.

In addition, you must assign the following privileges to the Windows user account or Windows user group that is permitted to log in to the Metasys system:

  • network access to the Metasys server or SCT computer

  • bypass traverse checking

  • batch job login capability

However, do not assign the privilege called deny access to this computer from the network to this same Windows user account or Windows user group.