SNMP Get requests - Metasys - LIT-12011279 - General System Information - Metasys System - 13.0

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SNMP Get requests allow the NMS to request information for a specific variable. The SNMP agent, upon receiving a Get message, issues a GET-RESPONSE message to the NMS with either the information requested or an error indication as to why the request cannot be processed.

The Metasys SNMP Agent allows you to perform SNMP Gets on pre-defined OIDs of certain objects (for example, Analog Value [AV], Binary Value [BV], and Multistate Value [MV] objects). For a list of the attributes that are available for polling, see Table 1.

Note: To use Gets, you must query the specific supervisory device (NAE55, NIE55, or NCE25, for example) on which the object appears. Site Directors do not forward Get requests to other devices on the site and you cannot perform Gets on ADSs/ADXs.

The Metasys SNMP Agent also allows you to determine the health of the device by polling the OIDs listed under Table 1. These attributes include data such as battery condition and object count.

You can poll all the points on the network engine, but realize there is a throttle on SNMP Gets, which is two requests per second on an NAE55 and one request per second on an NAE45. For example, polling 500 points on a single NAE takes about five minutes.