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Three methods for network time synchronization are available in the Metasys system: Microsoft Windows SNTP time synchronization, Multicast, and BACnet time synchronization.

You can use the Multicast and Microsoft Windows methods when an SNTP master time server is available. If the Site Director has no access to SNTP time servers, you can use the BACnet synchronization method.
Note: The Multicast time synchronization is preferred over the Windows time synchronization.

Typically in the Metasys system, only the Site Director synchronizes its time with an SNTP time server. The other devices on the Metasys network synchronize with the Site Director. As a secondary method of time synchronization, configure the Metasys system to have all devices synchronize time with the Site Director as an SNTP Time Server.

If critical changes occur to time zones or time change protocols, Johnson Controls issues patches to update the Metasys system. For more details on time management, refer to the following documents:

  • ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201645)
  • OAS Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013243)
  • ODS Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011944)
  • NIEx9 Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011922)
  • LCS85 Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011568)
  • Time Zone, Date, and Time Management Appendix found in the NAE Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201519), SNE Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013295), and SNC Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013352)