Message queue troubleshooting - Metasys - LIT-12011279 - General System Information - Metasys System - 10.1

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Metasys System
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Under normal operation, Metasys message queues are empty or near zero. If there is a problem with trend forwarding, the messages remain in the backlog queue and queue size increases. If this occurs, and the queues become full, permanent data loss can result.

Note: This procedure requires that you have Windows Administrator access on your computer. Perform this procedure on all Metasys servers on your site. If you have a split ADX, perform this procedure on the database server computer.

To see the size of your MSMQ queue:

  1. Using Windows Explorer®, right-click My Computer and select Manage. Depending on your operating system, the Computer Management tor Server Management screen appears.
  2. In the tree in the left pane, browse to Services and Applications > Message Queueing > Private Queues.

  3. If the Number of Messages column for the Metasys queues (particularly metasys_trendbacklog) contains a number that is growing or not zero, you may have an issue with trend forwarding that requires further investigation. You may need to resize the window if this column is not visible.