Default Administrator accounts - Metasys - LIT-12011279 - General System Information - Metasys System - 10.1

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Metasys System
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The MetasysSysAgent and BasicSysAgent accounts (both Metasys local accounts) are the default Administrator accounts. These accounts cannot be renamed or deleted from the system. The MetasysSysAgent account retains full administrative rights, and these rights cannot be changed. The BasicSysAgent account retains a subset of administrative rights, in that Basic Access administrators can administer only user accounts that have been assigned the Basic Access access type.

Important: The first time you log in with the MetasysSysAgent account using the new default password, or the BasicSysAgent account with the original default password, the system prompts you to change the password immediately. This new behavior enhances the overall security of the Metasys system. For details about the new default password, contact your local Johnson Controls representative.

Metasys system local user name and password pairs are stored only in the system proprietary user store, with one exception. For engines (excluding the NxE85 and LCS85), the MetasysSysAgent account is also mirrored in the operating system as a Windows account with full administrative privileges. The password of the MetasysSysAgent operating system account is controlled by the resetting of the MetasysSysAgent account through the Site Management Portal UI. Changing the account password in the Metasys system also changes the Windows operating system account password in the supervisory controller.

For the server-based network engines at Release 4.0 or later, the NIE89, and the LCS85, the MetasysSysAgent account on the Windows operating system is not linked to the MetasysSysAgent account on the Site Management Portal UI. Changing the account password in the Metasys system does not change the Windows operating system account password. The passwords are independent.

Note: The Windows operating system accounts and Metasys system local accounts never have been linked on the Metasys server.

For information on hardware-based network engines operating system security, see Security on hardware-based Network Engines.