Diagnostic files and support - Metasys - LIT-12013150 - System Integration - Modbus Vendor Integration - 10.1 - 9.0.7

Network Engine Commissioning for Modbus Vendor Integration Application Note

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Modbus Vendor Integration
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Application Note
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An option is available to temporarily place the Modbus integration of the NxE into diagnostic mode. Diagnostic mode captures the protocol messages between the NxE and the field devices. The captured messages are written in hexadecimal characters and can be read with a text editor, for example, Notepad. During protocol capture, bus communication is not affected, and no intermittent offline events should occur. All status and command times have the same duration as they have without the protocol capture.

For a serial port capture, you need a null modem RS-232 serial cable connected to one of the serial ports on the NCE25, NAE35, NAE45, NAE55, NIE29, NIE39, NIE49, and NIE59. For an SNE and SNC you need the ACC-USBRS232-0 USB-to-RS-232 adapter connected to a null modem RS-232 serial cable. For a USB port capture on the NAE85, you need a removable flash drive connected to the USB port.

Follow these general rules when debugging:

  • You can capture the diagnostic information at the following locations:
    • For the NCE25, NAE35, NAE45, NAE55, NIE29, NIE39, NIE49, and NIE59, diagnostic messages are received at the serial port and can be captured to a file using a serial terminal program.
    • For the SNE and SNC, diagnostic messages are received with the use of a certified USB-to-RS-232 adapter and can be captured to a file using a serial terminal program.
    • For the NAE85, log files are captured at the USB port.
      Note: For NAE85s only, if you are using a USB drive, insert the drive before you enable log capture and remove the USB drive after you disable the log.
  • Do not disconnect the cable or flash drive until after you deactivate debug mode. The deactivation step stops debug mode and writes the file to the flash drive.
  • To activate diagnostic mode, set the Diagnostic parameter (parameter 7) to Y (Yes) or A (Advanced log) in the integration object.
  • Use the Metasys SMP UI to help determine which devices and points from the network engine require analysis.
  • In general, keep diagnostic mode active long enough to capture the information related to the devices and points that need to be analyzed. Ten minutes is the optimal capture time. If you use a time less than five minutes, you may not capture enough information to analyze. If you use a time greater than 20 minutes, the captured file becomes too cumbersome to analyze and too large for the text editor to open. For points that send values infrequently, you must first command an update before beginning diagnostic mode.
  • If you activated the diagnostic mode to capture a specific condition, for example, as the response to a command, make sure diagnostic is active when you generate the condition, for example, commanding a point.
  • Use a USB flash drive of 2 GB or greater that is formatted to the FAT32 file system. Do not use a USB flash drive that auto-installs any software on the host device at the time of initialization.
  • Remember to return the device to normal operation by deactivating diagnostic mode after you have captured the data. To deactivate diagnostic mode, set the Diagnostic parameter to N (No).
  • Use a text editor to read the log file.

If you contact technical support for assistance, you may be asked to submit the text capture file from the flash drive or captured over the serial port. Technical support may also request an export of the archive database from SCT.