Upgrading an NIE29, NIE39, or NIE49 with integrations to Release 9.0.8 - Metasys - LIT-12013150 - System Integration - Modbus Vendor Integration - 10.1 - 9.0.7

Network Engine Commissioning for Modbus Vendor Integration Application Note

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Modbus Vendor Integration
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Application Note
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About this task

Important: These instructions only apply to existing NIE29, NIE39, and NIE49 engines.


  1. Log on to SCT with the commissioning laptop and open the archive for the NIE.
  2. Upload the NIE archive with SCT.
  3. Reimage the NIE with Release 9.0.8 using the PXE process.
  4. Open the NIE archive and open the Hardware tab of the NIE engine integration object.
  5. Verify the correct name according to Table 1 is in the Vendor driver field. Enter the file name if it is not.
    Note: The Vendor driver file name is case sensitive.
    Table 1. Vendor files to specify for an NIE29, NIE39, or NIE49
    Network Engine Integration type

    Old name first driver

    Old name second driver

    New name first driver

    New name second driver

    NIE29, NIE39, NIE49 Modbus ModbusDriver_N40.dll ModbusDriver_N40_1.dll libModbusDriver.so libModbusDriver_1.so
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Download the NIE archive into the NIE.
  8. After the download is complete, log on to the NIE, and verify the integration in the upgraded NIE is online.