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Network Engine Commissioning for Modbus Vendor Integration Application Note

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Modbus Vendor Integration
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Application Note
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As an alternative to auto-discovery, you can generate the Modbus integration database by using the Mass Changes Tool (MCT).

The MCT opens the VMD file and produces an import file (IMP file) that you can import into the SCT or the network engine directly using the Import Integration method available on the integration trunk.

Note: If the IMP file needs to be imported into the network engine (not System Configuration Tool [SCT]), you must load the VMD files used as resource files into the network engine before you import the IMP file. If this procedure is not followed and there are communication problems, either restart the network engine or repeat the procedure and delete the imported IMP file from the device.

To download the MCT files, go to the SlS page at and click Downloads > SIS Engineering Tools > MCT . For external partners, the MCT is available by logging on to the Virtual Branch portal ( Click Products & Solutions > Building Automation Systems > Configuration tools . The program and support files for the MCT are provided. You can run the MCT in demo mode until it is licensed.

To license the MCT software, open the MCT and go to Help > About Mass Changes Tool . Click either Load License File (JCI Internal Only) or Create License Request Form (External Users).