Inserting field points - Metasys - LIT-12013150 - System Integration - Modbus Vendor Integration - 10.1 - 9.0.7

Network Engine Commissioning for Modbus Vendor Integration Application Note

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Modbus Vendor Integration
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Application Note
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  1. Use the Launcher to log on to the network engine's SMP. If you need to install the Launcher, refer to Launcher Installation Instructions (LIT-12011783).
  2. Drag the new device object from the navigation panel to the display panel.
  3. Click Insert > Field Point . The Insert Point Wizard appears.
  4. In the Destination window, select the parent item for the field point, and click Next.
  5. In the Select Definition Mode window, click Assisted, and then click Invoke Auto Discovery.
    Figure 1. Insert Point Wizard - Select Definition Mode

    The results of the auto-discovery display in the Wizard Auto Detect Utility window.

    Figure 2. Wizard Auto Detect Utility window

  6. Click Close when you are finished viewing the results of the auto-discovery. The Point Mapping Utility window appears.
  7. In the Point Mapping Utility window, select the points of interest on the left to include them in the Points To Map Summary on the right. To include all points in the summary, click Map All.
  8. When you are done selecting points, click Next.
  9. In the Summary window, click Finish to close the field points auto-discovery procedure.