Introduction - Metasys - LIT-12013148 - System Integration - KNX Vendor Integration - 13.0

Network Engine Commissioning for KNX Vendor Integration Application Note

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KNX Vendor Integration
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Application Note
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This document describes how to add, configure, and commission a KNX integration for a network engine. The KNX integration feature is supported on the following network engine series and software releases:

  • SNE and SNC series, which have supported the KNX integration feature since their introduction at 10.1
  • NCE25, NAE35, and NAE45 series that have been upgraded to Release 9.0.7 to Release 12.0
  • NAE55xx-2, -3 series that have been upgraded to Release 10.0 to Release 12.0
  • You cannot upgrade NCE25, NAE35, NAE45, or NAE55 to Release 13.0.
  • NAE85 that has been upgraded to Release 10.0 or later
  • OAS from Release 11.0 or later

This document also describes how to upgrade an NIE59 at Release 9.0 to Release 13.0, to maintain the KNX integration capability.

Note: There are no modifications required when you upgrade from Release 10.0 to Release 10.1.

This document does not describe how to mount, wire, or power on an NAE, NIE, SNE, or SNC, how to build or download an archive database for a Metasys system site, or how to configure an NAE, NIE, SNE, or SNC to monitor and control a Building Automation System (BAS).