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NIEx9 Driver Manager Application Note

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Network Engine
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Application Note
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The NIE is based on the standard NAE platform with the addition of several files.

Table 1 provides descriptions of the different types of files used by the NIEx9.

Table 1. Integration File Types

File Type



Vendor Protocol DLLs (Communication Drivers)

SIS (Packages)

Note: SIS packages are zipped files containing the DLLs and extraction paths for the DLLs to the target devices.

Files used by the NIEx9 to communicate with the field equipment. You can find the latest versions of all the standard communication drivers on the Johnson Controls® Portal page.

License file


The file that has to be present in the NIEx9 in order to activate the communication drivers. The license file is associated with the MAC address and cannot be used on a different NIEx9.

The name of the license file is the same of the original name of the NIE: NIE<MAC Address>.LIC

All necessary files for integration are pre-installed on the NIEx9 at the factory.


You must back up or restore the integration files when an NIEx9 is upgraded or downgraded using the NAE/NIE Update Tool, or when a new version of the package or DLL is released.

Back up the NIEx9 license file before executing any operation with the NAE/NIE Update Tool.